Heejoon Lee

이희준은 삶 주변을 둘러싼 풍경 곳곳에 녹아든 디자인적 미감에 관심을 둔다. 주변 환경의 비례와 균형, 색채를 민감하게 살피고 그것으로부터 회화의 소재를 찾는다. 이희준은 수집한 풍경을 확대하고 편집하는 과정을 통해 수직, 수평의 색면으로 구성한 추상적 이미지를 만들어 낸다. 외부의 풍경을 기호화하고 캔버스에 재구축하는 작업이다. 이미지를 회화 기법으로 재현하는 과정에서 붓질을 통해 다층의 레이어를 생성하고 새로운 질감을 이끌어낸다. 도시 풍경을 살피며 발견한 시공간의 층을 시각화하고자 하는 의도이다.

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how will our abstract perception on The Tourist be justified? There can be two points: one is the matter of perception and the other is the matter of sense of color. Already well noted in Interior nor Exterior to A Shape of Taste, the conspicuous characteristics of the screen have been revealing the paradoxical sense of flatness and space, gradually intruding from the inside to the outside. That characteristic is repeated in The Tourist, but it plays a specific role in engendering a strange sense of déjà vu. Almost like a screen that displays images through sleek liquid crystal, The Tourist proves our capability of updated visual perception, which allows us repeatedly traverse between the firmly compressed sense of space and the unlimited perspective beyond the event horizon. Moreover, the object of the painting, which is transferred into geometrical shapes, operates as evidence by sustaining homogeneity with the data from the black and white photos. Thus, photographs here play almost the same role (as an abstract medium) as terrazzo in Floating Floor. After all, the black and white photograph images as a form remind me of a program that urges the artist’s memories onward to find the color of the object from the abstracted color tool, then the geometric shape and the color effect created as a result, which would bring back and restore the information that has been omitted or deteriorated in the black and white photographs.

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2014     영국 글라스고 예술대학 순수미술 졸업
2012     홍익대학교 미술대학 회화과, 조소과 졸업

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